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    Resident Return Visa

    If you want to continue to travel overseas as a permanent resident after your visa expires, then you need to apply for a Resident Return Visa (RRV). The purpose of the RRV – as outlined in the Department’s guidelines – is to facilitate the re-entry into Australia of non-citizen permanent residents and to ensure that only those people who have a genuine commitment to residing in Australia, or who are contributing to Australia’s well-being, retain the eligibility to return to Australia as permanent residents.

    Initial review and assessment.
    After review, your application is prepared and submitted to department.
    Visa Outcome
    Based on the processing timelines, an outcome is delivered by department.

    Other Information

    Meet our residence or substantial ties requirements

    You must either:

    • have lived in Australia for 2 years (730 days) in the last 5 years as the holder of a permanent visa (or entry permit), or as an Australian citizen
    • be able to demonstrate substantial ties to Australia that are of benefit to Australia

    Visa validity will vary depending in your circumstances:

    • If you have lived in Australia for 2 years (730 days) in the last 5 years as a permanent resident, former citizen or former permanent resident, then you meet what is known as the residence requirement and might be given a 5 year travel validity on your visa.
    • If you have not lived in Australia for 2 years in the last 5 years as a permanent resident or former citizen or former permanent resident, then you might be given a maximum of 12 months travel validity on your visa if you can demonstrate substantial ties that benefit Australia. Check the substantial ties documents that you need to provide under Step by step, Gather your documents.
    • If you meet the requirements only because you are a member of family unit of a person who holds this visa, then you can only be given a maximum of 12 months travel validity on your visa.
    • If you don’t meet the requirement, but have compelling and compassionate reasons for departure, then you might only be given 3 months travel validity on your visa.

    Five Year Visa Subclass 155

    To qualify for a 5-year RRV, you must have been physically in Australia as a permanent resident for at least two years in the five years immediately before applying. The time spent in Australia is cumulative. You can also continue to build up time after the expiry of your visa as long as you remain in Australia as a permanent resident when this expires.

    One Year Visa subclass 157

    If you cannot show a full two years of residence, you would only be eligible for a 1-year RRV, and only if you can show that you have ‘substantial ties’ to Australia. This means providing evidence of your ties through:

    • Job offer in Australia (employment ties)
    • Ownership or management of a business in Australia (business ties)
    • Financial or property assets in Australia
    • Close family in Australia
    • Cultural ties to Australia

    You will also need to show that you have spent some time in Australia since the grant of your permanent residency. Ideally, this would be at least a few months of residence.

    The Department of Immigration has significant discretion in determining whether the ties are sufficiently close for grant of the RRV. Note that if you have had more than five years absence from Australia we will need to show compelling reasons for your absence.

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