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To support you, we’ll strive to ensure:
We make it easy for you to see if you’re eligible to apply for the visa you’re interested in;
We provide you with the most appropriate and up-to-date immigration and visa advice available;
We protect your privacy and identity;
You have the same access to our services as everyone else;
You’ll hear back from us if you provide us with feedback or report an email.
Our visa services include complete solutions for both permanent and temporary visas, giving you the confidence to successfully achieve your personal migration goal.

Our agents also offer a unique Visa and Immigration Assessment, which is specifically tailored to your circumstances and outlines all the visa possibilities you may be eligible for – allowing you to move forward with a visa option you are confident in.

When you apply for a visa, there are specific requirements for arranging your health examination. We are providing assistance in booking for health examination.

"Very polite and informative I would like to thanks Mr Raman for all his efforts. I appreciate his work and efforts."
Randhir Jha
"Very pleased with the professional service I received from Oceania Immigration."
Jennie M
"After going through few different Agents in Melbourne, I went for consultation at Oceania Immigration Advisory. My experience was excellent, Mr. Doegar not only advised me about my subclass 189 but also explained me about other options such as 190 and 489."
Abhishek Juneja

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Oceania Immigration Advisory Pvt. Ltd is a private immigration consultant organisation founded by Mr. Raman Doegar, a registered migration agent (MARN: 1797422 ) with our Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and a Member of Migration Institute of Australia(MIA).

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